Online Classes - Survey

The purpose of this survey is to identify to what extent we are meeting our client's needs. The results will be used to shape further programming in our Center.

Section #1 - "About You" is just basic information about the demographics of our clientele

Section #2 - "Type of Class Delivery" helps us to format our classes on the platforms most people are wanting to work from

Section #3 - "Classes of Interest" give you the opportunity to let us know what you want

Section #4 - "Almost Done" - Just a few more miscellaneous questions to help clarify how we can best be of service to you

What is your age range

What is your gender identity?

Do you have a religious or spiritual practice?

If you answered yes, how do you identify your practice?

My interests are: (please check all that apply)

I am open to new ideas/concepts (1=Strongly Disagree; 4=Strongly Agree)

I prefer taking classes online (1=Strongly Disagree; 4=Strongly Agree)

I prefer to take classes in person (1=Strongly Disagree; 4=Strongly Agree)

I like Recorded Online Classes with Live Q&A (1=Strongly Disagree; 4=Strongly Agree)

I like Live Online Classes (1=Strongly Disagree; 4=Strongly Agree)

Metaphysics - Spiritual Foundations (please check all that apply)

Health and Healing: (please check all that apply)

Intuition: (Please check all that apply)

Business Classes - (please check all that apply)

What other classes would be of interest to you?

If you could waive a magic wand and have our courses meet your expectations, what would they look like? (please be as descriptive as possible)

What is the one result you are looking for from our classes

What are some of the frustrations you have when you take online classes? (please be as descriptive as possible)

Thank you so much for your time. We value your feedback - please feel free to add Additional Comments: