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Awaken your Innate Wisdom, Embrace Your Uniqueness and Attract Your Kindred Community!

 In 3 phases, you will learn...

How to connect to your higher self, nurture your inner relationship and attract your kindred spiritual community so you can form loyal and trusting partnerships and have more impact with your efforts.

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Online Metaphysics Certificate Course in Albuquerque               

Meet Michelle Vidal

Online Metaphysics and Intuition Certificate Courses

My Old Normal...

I was born to two alcoholic parents who had incredible psychic gifts in the summer of 1959 in Gallup, New Mexico.

I grew up with 3 sisters who were deeply impressed with the dysfunction and abusive environment we grew up in and continue to struggle with dysfunctional relationships, addiction and mental health issues.

I was co-dependent too, which brought a lot of strife as I kept pulling more and more addicts into my life in order to understand addiction and grow from the gifts that the addicts brought into my world.

From an early age, I knew I was different from others around me.

I recall, at the age of 3 or 4, saying to my mom, "I don't really live here, this is not my home and you are not the boss of me!"

I recall feeling the presence of spirits and when I would see them and nobody else did, my family feared that I was delusional.

Growing up, I struggled to find connections or any real genuine relationships with anyone who truly understood what I was experiencing.

My family was religious and encouraged us to go to church. I have a personality type that needs to know the answers and when the answers do not make sense, I lose faith in the system.

"If Noah and his wife and children were the only survivors of the great flood, then how did other races come about? Why weren't we all the same color?"

"If the 10 Commandments say not to put anyone before the Lord thy God, then why do we pray to Jesus?"

I recall that my basic questions as a child were not received well by my superiors at our church. They did not like that I did not just accept the story as they dictated and took my questioning as a challenge to their authority.

I was not allowed to be baptized with my peers when I was 8 years old. 

My Turning Point...

I continued to struggle fitting in growing up in a rural New Mexico town that is very set in its ways when I was an open minded free spirit looking for adventure.

When I was 12 years old, my grandmother started to worry for my soul as I still remained unbaptized. 

She took me to her Catholic Church to talk to the priest.

"Why do I have to tell you my sins?"

"Why do you pray to saints?"

"Why the middle man?"

"Why can't you just talk to God directly?"

These questions caused the priest to promply return me to my grandmother saying "she would never make a good Catholic."

I remained unbaptized into my early twenties when my spirit guides impressed me to have my 3 year old daughter baptized.

For me to have my daughter baptized, I too was finally baptized as a Catholic at the age of 22.

About Michelle Vidal

When my son was born, I had him baptized too... only because I did not want him to think that I didn't care enough about him.

By then, I knew that religion was control brought about through fear tactics.

Seeing my infant son, at two weeks old, scream at the top of his lungs during the entire service... not stopping until the priest quit talking showed me that my son too was sensitive to this dogma.

I stayed away from Church again until my daughter was 8 or so because it was time for her first Communion. 

My daughter has always been connected to religious teachings. 

Seeing my son continue to scream every time we went to Catholic Church made me start to look for something that we both craved... a real community of kindred spiritual seekers to connect with!

Go from living under someone else's rules to living your own truth!

Online Metaphysics Classes with Michelle Vidal

Are your questions left unanswered?

We are living in a time where more and more people are tuning into their own sense of inner knowing.  It is more and more difficult in these times for spiritual seekers to remain constrained by teachings that limit your freedom to live how you want to live your life.

We are realizing that we do not only learn from external teachers, but that we have our own intuition and inner guidance that is there to help realize our gifts so we can fulfill our destinies.

Go from experiencing lies and deceit to trusting and loyal partnerships!

Online Metaphysics Classes Certificate Course with Michelle Vidal

Are you ready for support in your life?

For many spiritual seekers, it is difficult to open up and become vulnerable around most people. We tend to be introverts and go inside for guidance and support.

That does not mean that we do not crave more intimate connections with others who understand us and appreciate our uniqueness.

With more self-love and a strong foundation in metaphysics, you can be ready for when kindred souls enter your life so you can form lasting and loyal partnerships and cooperate in great philanthropic efforts.

What is Metaphysics?

Definition:  Metaphysics is best defined as the science and study of all. Metaphysics looks at every piece of information gathered from science, (physical), from religion, (emotion), from philosophy, (spirit), bringing the information together to formulate truth in accordance with each individuals level of understanding. As we humans progress intellectually, finding more truths presented by facts, we can theorize, bringing more light philosophically, balancing it against the studied religions, truth never changes, but our understanding does. Light dawns brighter as we come into those truths and we can understand truth more clearly. More aspects of truth are revealed as our state of consciousness rises.

Michelle's Story Continued...

Home at Last!

In 1992, I was working for a non-profit, and one of the board members, who had become a trusted friend, invited me to her church.

I had a lot of hesitation to her invitation because of my past experiences with formalized religion, but I valued her friendship and trusted that she had the kind of knowledge and wisdom that I was seeking.

She assured me that her church and spiritual community was different and a lot more open to mysticism. 

I recalled an experience from six years prior, when my mother was looking for a husband and she talked me into going to a Psychic Fair. Little did I know at the time, the fair was at a Metaphysical Church. 

The reading I got from the psychic blew me away. She told me that I was supposed to be in that church, and when it was time for me to enter, I would. Further, she said I would remember the reading she gave me telling me so!

I decided to trust my friend, and I went to her church that following weekend.

As soon as I walked in the front door, I had the most intense feeling of coming "home" that I had ever felt!

Online Metaphysics Certificate Course with Michelle Vidal

This was a purely Metaphysical Church with NO DOGMA!

I began to attend regularly and was amazed that for the first time, my son who was 11 by this time, did not balk about being in church. He was very comfortable there and connected with the energy. And of course my my daughter was complete as it also resonated deep within her.

It was't until 3 months later, when I was standing in the area of the church where they had the Psychic Fair that the reading I had gotten years earlier came to me in full force.

That Psychic Fair was at this Church! When we were here back then, we entered from a different part of the building, so I did not realize it until just then when the flashback hit me...

It was all I could do to not drop to my knees and start laughing hysterically!

The End of an Era...

I have always been psychic.

I have always seemed to have a way of feeling and knowing what is going to happen before it actually happens.

This inner knowing is a natural gift I have always had since childhood. 

I trained for 8 years in the metaphysical ministry. As I trained, I recalled unique experiences I had as a young girl.

I remember at the age of 14 having a dream in which my Grandfather came to visit me...

He told me that he was leaving and that I would soon be living with my Grandmother, and to be sure to take good care of her.

As soon as my grandfather left, I awoke from the dream...

I recall looking at the clock noting that it was 3:35 am.

The following day, my grandmother called my father telling him that my grandfather was dead.

She said that the estimated time of his death was 3:30 am!

Online Metaphysics Certificate Classes with Michelle Vidal

After that experience, I started studying everything I could about Metaphysics.

I bought a book on witchcraft...

After reading the book, my higher self kicked in telling me that you should never cast spells!

My spirit teachers impressed upon me, we have no right to influence the actions of others. The person who casts the spell will suffer more than the person upon who the spell was cast.

At the age of 15, I had my first conscious astral projection.

I was at a football game...

I was standing by the concession  with my friends when suddenly I had the experience of being outside of my body!

I was floating above the whole scene looking down at myself talking with my friends.

It completely freaked me out and again found myself having an experience that nobody else seemed to understand.

Since that experience at the football game when I was 15, I have not had another conscious out of body experience.

I had and continue to have unconscious projections while in the dream state.

As time went on at the church, I became sensitive to the polarized energies that were present among our church community.

The founding minister had died sometime during the 80's and since then, the church became more and more divided...

I was about ready to just leave the church, when I consulted with one of the other ministers...

She could see that I was already more at home meditating on my own at home on my porch than I was in church.

She said "Don't leave your destiny - take a sabbatical!"

I spent the next 14 years on sabbatical. I was in Toronto when my spirit teachers impressed me it was time for me to bring the training and the lessons I had received back to Albuquerque. I was brought out of my sabbatical and Resonant Essentials and these classes were born....

Is there more to your story?

Free from expectations and confining belief systems, humans can realize their true power and potential.  We only see limitations because of how we are taught.

Are you ready to break free from limiting belief structures so you can discover your purpose and fulfill your destiny?

Online Metaphysics E-Classes with Michelle Vidal

Discover Your Spirit Community

When you learn to embrace your inner child you will start to attract more kindred souls into your life.

Realize the level of intimacy and connection that you desire by opening up to your own inner beauty!


Online Metaphysics Certification E-Course with Michelle Vidal

In 3 phases, you will awaken your inner truth so you can fulfill your destiny!

A roadmap for success

Michelle Vidal: Metaphysics and Intuition Insructor - Resonant Essentials ABQ

Mastering Metaphysics with Michelle Vidal

Phase 1: Universal Awareness

Lesson: Honoring your universal agreement

This module will help you understand universal laws so you can find tranquility.

In my observation, too many people are experiencing the momentum of a broken system.  This module is geared to help you slow down, get clear and fix your mind on learning how the world works.

Participate in the first 4 classes to live a more functional life.

Phase 1 Classes:

  • Class 1: Creation

  • Class 2: Incarnation and Reincarnation

  • Class 3: Karma

  • Class 4: Judgment

Mastering Metaphysics with Michelle Vidal

Phase 2: Global Awakening

Lesson: Consciousness & Sending out the right signals

This module will give you a dynamic connection with the world so you can reap the abundance that you are meant to live.

In my observation, too many people are experiencing apathy and disconnect; and are totally self-absorbed.  This module is geared to help you find acceptance by understanding consciousness and intention.

Continue coming to the classes  and doing the work and you will start experiencing better relationships and quality of life.

Phase 2 Classes:

  • Class 5: Consciousness & Civilizations

  • Class 6: Universal Love & Precepts of the Age

  • Class 7: Human Aspects

Mastering Metaphysics with Michelle Vidal

Phase 3: Higher Self Activation

Lesson: Self Esteem: Gain confidence and higher sense of your value through faith

This module will give you higher self esteem, confidence, value and faith so you can come into the truth and power of who you really are.

In my observation, too many people are experiencing a lack of faith and self-worth.  This module is geared to help you empower yourself with your own spiritual gifts.

Continue coming to the classes  and doing the work and you will start experiencing freedom from the childhood ties that bind you and you will embrace your destiny path!

Phase 3 Classes

  • Class 8: Spirit Teachers/Guides

  • Class 9: Prayer

  • Class 10: Spirit Gifts

  • Class 11: Chakras


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