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Class #9: Prayer

This class includes this empowering bonus: the Master Builder Breakthrough Exercise is a 5 minute meditation that you can use to regain focus, make clear decisions based on your innate knowledge and accomplish more results in less time.

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Class #10: Spirit Gifts

This class includes this intimate bonus: the Union Breakthrough Exercise will lead you on a guided meditation to meet your spirit guide or guides and find out if they have any guidance for you in discovering and developing your gifts of spirit.

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Class #11: Chakras

The final class of the Mastering Metaphysics: Foundations and Principles [E-Course] includes this bonus: the Reflections Chakra Activation Exercise is a nearly 20 minute experiential guided meditation to activate your chakra centers and open you up for new possibilities.

Michelle's Story Continued...

My biggest challenges still lied ahead...

Six months after I left on sabbatical, the metaphysical church closed and the property was sold.

I continued to build my business in alternative healthcare. I had left corporate America about the same time I started training at the church.

As a massage therapist, I also trained as a Usui Reki Practitioner and later as a certified holistic kinesiologist.

Not only did I fine tune my gifts in energy healing, I also gathered knowledge about developing health from the physical venue of nutrition and supplementation.

I continued working with people, sharing knowledge from my years of study, giving psychic readings and teaching foundations and principles in metaphysics that I was trained in during my time at the metaphysical church in Albuquerque during the 90's.

There remained within me a feeling of incompleteness.

I was working primarily with people with brain injuries during the day and helping my mother who had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer during all other waking hours...

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It wasn't until my sister came by and saw how much of my mothers condition I was taking on...

She said "Mom is the one that is dying, not you!"

That statement helped me to let go of the control and ego that I had invested in the situation and gave my mother the space to find her peace in her final days.

It was during that time that my son's father, my cousin and some friends also passed and my spirit crashed.

However, it wasn't until my father's death that I realized that I needed to separate myself from the toxicity of my relationships with 3 of my siblings as well as others in my life who I felt my karmic obligations had been fulfilled.

With my father's death, I hit my wall...

I physically started failing, and that lead me to retire.

I spent the next 3 years traveling between my boyfriend's home in Toronto and my home here in Albuquerque.

It was during those 3 years that I started healing my mind, body and spirit.... but especially in body as I had gone as far down as a person can get on a physical level.

The lesson learned is that in those times of physical suffering, with the aspect of body out of sync, I lost connection to my higher mind and spiritual guidance...

As my body healed, my connection to my spirit guides and my innate wisdom returned stronger than ever before!

Coming Full Circle

My sabbatical lasted 14 years until I found myself in my closet getting ready and packing for a six month visit back home to Albuquerque; so I thought...

I received an impression from my guides...

They said "Take what is important to me as I will not be coming back for awhile."

After retiring from my alternative healthcare practice, I went to live with my boyfriend in Toronto.

I was spending six months living with my boyfriend and six months living in Albuquerque.

The only way I could have stayed in Toronto full time was to get married, and I was not ready for that.

Therefore, I did what spirit said, packed up most of what was important and came back to fulfill my destiny.

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I thought I was going to go into grief recovery as I had trained in the Grief Recovery Method while in Toronto.

Much to my surprise, I was impressed to write classes in Metaphysics based on my own studies with the Church (UHCS).

I was then impressed to start Resonant Essentials for it was long passed time that I come out of my sabbatical to step up to fulfilling my destiny.

When I questioned spirit as to why they wanted me to teach metaphysics, they impressed me to seek out what others were teaching.

I had thought that the training that I received was common knowledge by now...

Alas, it isn't... 

I went to places that I knew held training. I saw so many errors and misunderstandings of the principles of metaphysics I had learned and continued to practice.

I saw programs that promised becoming a Reiki master in 6 months...

Or, someone advertising their ability to remove your karma for $300 or teach you how to remove your own karma for $30 when you take their class.

That is ludicrous... Karma is a living, breathing part of us as a tool to bring us to higher enlightenment of truth.

So, Resonant Essentials was born!

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With practice in utilizing the principles in the Mastering Metaphysics: Foundations and Principles [E-Course], you can bring more peace, clarity, reliable partnerships and abundance into your life.

Michelle's Story Concluded...

Are you ready to embrace your destiny?

Being back in Albuquerque gave me an opportunity to spend more time with my children and grand-children.

My son was living here in Albuquerque and working for a pet store. He was promoted to a store in rural New Mexico.

The stresses of the new position as well as other contributing health factors led to Lance's death on August 3, 2018.

It was his death that had given me the courage, and the final struggle with ego that led me to truly embrace my destiny.

I sought out knowledge and stayed committed to my spiritual deveopment in order to bring others the foundations and principles in metaphysIcs that I was taught.

I work now teaching and embracing others as they teach.

It is often the breaking and then the loss of our most intimate emotions... that most valuable and loved part of your life that gives you the opportunity to continue, one step, one breath, one moment at a time to rebuild your today and future tomorrows!

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This confidence is what has empowered me to complete writing my classes, practice my presentation at live classes at Resonant Essentials and finally have them recorded so that I can offer them to the world!

Mastering Metaphysics is a 3-Phase, 11-Step [E-Course]...

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Plus, you will get access to 3 Bonus Breakthrough Exercises...

In Class #9, you will experience the Master Builder Breakthrough Exercise where you will quiet your mind so you can make clear decisions that will bring more reliable results.

In Class #10, you will experience the Union Spirit Guide Meditation where you will enter a sacred space to meet your spirit guide or guides and receive any messages they may have as to any spirit gifts that you are destined to develop in this lifetime.

In Class #11, you will experience the Reflections Chakra Activation Exercise where you will be guided to opening your chakra energy centers so you can allow the quantum energy to freely flow through you and you can manifest more of what you want in your life.

Don't wait any longer to bring order, structure and dependability to your life!

Don't wain any longer to attract trusting, loyal and supportive partnerships into you life!

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