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Intuitive EXPLOSION! [E-Course]

Reinvigorate Your Intuition...

So you can create a deeper psychic connection to your higher self, spirit teachers & guides

 In 6 steps, you will learn...

How to avoid the problems of inadequate training and lack of foundation that keeps the intuitive...

Struggling with Deeper Connection because of Ephemeral Training

Reconstruct your incomplete foundations in this transformational program where you will:  

  • Discover your Higher Truths  

  • Uncover Your Psychic Self  

  • Realize a Deeper Connection to Spirit 

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Are you limiting yourself with old beliefs?

Don't live your life under someone else's rules!

Do you feel like belief systems that you were taught when you were younger are not in alignment with how you feel today?

Are you feeling like you struggle to fit in with others who seem to be content with doing the same things and getting the same results?

When you learn to listen you your own "gut" or intuitive feelings and connect with the guidance of your spirit teachers and guides, you will be able to live and make decisions more consciously.

Then, you will start to experience living a life where your highest destiny will start unfolding for you!

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Go from disconnected intuition to honoring your own inner knowing!

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Are you struggling with finding balance between the "spirit" world and the "real" world?

We are living in a time where more and more people are tuning into their own sense of inner knowing.  It is more and more difficult in these times for spiritual seekers to remain constrained by limited and inaccurate teachings that limit your freedom to live how you want to live your life.

We are realizing that we do not only learn from external teachers, but that we have our own intuition and inner guidance that is there to help realize our gifts so we can fulfill our destinies.


Is there more to your story?

Free from expectations and confining belief systems, humans can realize their true power and potential.  We only see limitations because of how we are taught.

Are you ready to break free from limiting belief structures so you can discover your purpose and fulfill your destiny?


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In 6 steps, you will awaken your inner truth so you can fulfill your destiny!

A roadmap for success

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Class 1: Balance of the Mind, Body & Spirit

Lesson: Develop intuitively we need to take care of our mind, body and spirit daily.

Routines for meditation, diet and exercise are mandatory to expand intuition.  Understanding the categories and types of phenomena help to bring forth your particular gifts.  Prayers are the asking, our intuition allows us to be guided to that for which we asked.  Understand how prayers may or may not be working for you.

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Class 2: Universal Symbols

Lesson: Dreams are filled with symbols.

Often the reading we get is given through symbolic meanings.  Our ability to decipher what our spirit teachers are showing us is predicated on understanding symbolically.  Chakras are a tool we can use in creating a drama free life by knowing when a chakra is open and flowing versus closed off causing the energy to be stuck.

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Class 3: Chakras

Lesson: We have seven energy centers in our bodies known as chakras.

Chakras are a tool we can use in creating a drama free life by knowing when a chakra is open and flowing versus closed off causing the energy to be stuck.
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Class 4: Healing

Lesson: A person is considered a healer when they provoke healing for another.

A doctor learns which medicines provide a cure for a particular ailment.  Spirit are doctors who decide which healer is most in tune with the type of energy work necessary to bring out the healing for the individual.  Spirit "flows through" the healer's vibration.  In this class you will learn mantras, categories of healing and understand the transference of energy.

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Class 5: Candles

Lesson: A flame is one of the first things man could identify with the divinity.

To primitive man it candles not only represented light, heat, force and life, but also destruction.  Candles have their use today in prayers, thanksgiving, novenas and meditations.  They are still used as an offering to the highest planes of expression.  Meta-physicians use the candles to reach the highest evolution of spiritual awareness within themselves.

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Class 6: Angels - Spirit Teachers - Guides

Lesson: The term Angel should not be used synonymously with guides, guardians and teachers, nor should they be thought of as synonymous.

Angels as different from the above mentioned as their functions/jobs are.  Learn what role the Arch-Angels play in today's world and how to work productively with your spirit teachers and guide.

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