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Home at Last!

In 1992, I was working for a non-profit, and one of the board members, who had become a trusted friend, invited me to her church.

I had a lot of hesitation to her invitation because of my past experiences with formalized religion, but I valued her friendship and trusted that she had the kind of knowledge and wisdom that I was seeking.

She assured me that her church and spiritual community was different and a lot more open to mysticism.

I recalled an experience from six years prior, when my mother was looking for a husband and she talked me into going to a Psychic Fair. Little did I know at the time, the fair was at a Metaphysical Church.

The reading I got from the psychic blew me away. She told me that I was supposed to be in that church, and when it was time for me to enter, I would. Further, she said I would remember the reading she gave me telling me so!

I decided to trust my friend, and I went to her church that following weekend.

As soon as I walked in the front door, I had the most intense feeling of coming "home" that I had ever felt!

This was a purely Metaphysical Church with NO DOGMA!

I began to attend regularly and was amazed that for the first time, my son who was 11 by this time, did not balk about being in church. He was very comfortable there and connected with the energy. And of course my my daughter was complete as it also resonated deep within her.

It was't until 3 months later, when I was standing in the area of the church where they had the Psychic Fair that the reading I had gotten years earlier came to me in full force.

That Psychic Fair was at this Church! When we were here back then, we entered from a different part of the building, so I did not realize it until just then when the flashback hit me...

It was all I could do to not drop to my knees and start laughing hysterically!

The End of an Era...

I have always been psychic.

I have always seemed to have a way of feeling and knowing what is going to happen before it actually happens.

This inner knowing is a natural gift I have always had since childhood.

I trained for 8 years in the metaphysical ministry. As I trained, I recalled unique experiences I had as a young girl.

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I remember at the age of 14 having a dream in which my Grandfather came to visit me...

He told me that he was leaving and that I would soon be living with my Grandmother, and to be sure to take good care of her.

As soon as my grandfather left, I awoke from the dream...

I recall looking at the clock noting that it was 3:35 am.

The following day, my grandmother called my father telling him that my grandfather was dead.

She said that the estimated time of his death was 3:30 am!

After that experience, I started studying everything I could about Metaphysics.

I bought a book on witchcraft...

After reading the book, my higher self kicked in telling me that you should never cast spells!

My spirit teachers impressed upon me, we have no right to influence the actions of others. The person who casts the spell will suffer more than the person upon who the spell was cast.

At the age of 15, I had my first conscious astral projection.

I was at a football game...

I was standing by the concession  with my friends when suddenly I had the experience of being outside of my body!

I was floating above the whole scene looking down at myself talking with my friends.

It completely freaked me out and again found myself having an experience that nobody else seemed to understand.

Since that experience at the football game when I was 15, I have not had another conscious out of body experience.

I had and continue to have unconscious projections while in the dream state.

As time went on at the church, I became sensitive to the polarized energies that were present among our church community.

The founding minister had died sometime during the 80's and since then, the church became more and more divided...

I was about ready to just leave the church, when I consulted with one of the other ministers...

She could see that I was already more at home meditating on my own at home on my porch than I was in church.

She said "Don't leave your destiny - take a sabbatical!"

I spent the next 14 years on sabbatical. I was in Toronto when my spirit teachers impressed me it was time for me to bring the training and the lessons I had received back to Albuquerque. I was brought out of my sabbatical and Resonant Essentials and these classes were born...

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