Meet Michelle Vidal...

Michelle is the owner of Resonant Essentials who has over 40 years in the world of metaphysics. She studies individually and was classically trained at the Universal Church of the Holy Spirit; a metaphysical church, located in Albuquerque, NM. UCHS was founded by Physical Medium, Edwin Yonkers who hailed from a spiritualist church in California. 

After studying for 8 years in the church, UCHS closed in 2001. Having become an ordained minister, Michelle was brought out of retirement and back from Canada through the guidance of her spirit teachers, and inspired to open Resonant Essentials and create community for truth seekers!

Psychic Intutitive Readings in Albuquerque New Mexico


From a very young age, Michelle worked with her spirit teachers; and through their guidance, she started working in the realms of healing and spiritual counseling. Her work continues to help others find their higher calling for the fulfillment of their destiny, especially for those seeking balance through the path of their destiny.

Michelle’s classes include; but are not limited to:

INTUITIVE EXPLOSION! - a class to more fully open one’s gifts and to reinvigorate one’s practice, in order to deepen intuitive development regardless of how skilled in the world of psychic and mediumship.

MASTERING METAPHYSICS - a foundations and principles class meant for those who seek truth on higher levels not just in the arena of spiritual gifts, which includes classes in healing; which will help take a practitioner into a more focused and complete connection to their guide/teachers in order to create a more complete healing for their clientele. 

Further, Michelle is an accomplished energy healer utilizing skillsets derived from teachings and trainings from UCHS long before she trained and became a licensed massage therapist, a Usui Reiki practitioner as well as a certified Wholistic Kinesiologist. 

She is available for healing work, readings, spiritual counseling and advanced metaphysics instruction by appointment.


She is available for healing work, spiritual counseling and advanced metaphysics instruction by appointment.

For same-day availability...

Call: (505) 453-7646

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Michelle's Rates

Tuesdays and Fridays at Resonant Essentials - 3107 Eubank Blvd NE Suites 33 & 34 in Albuquerque


$47 for 30 minutes

$77 for 60 minutes



$57 for 30 minutes

$77 for 60 minutes


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