Meet Dr. Lee Moberly...

Dr. Lee has worked professionally for over 35 years teaching, counseling and sharing her healing and psychic gifts with clients nationwide.  Her width and depth of experiences and spiritual awareness enables her to serve others in a clear, simple and direct way. Dr. Lee’s goals are to help to lift people’s awareness into a higher spiritual perspective and help them to bring peace, joy, contentment and feelings of safety and security into their lives through self-knowledge and spiritual awareness practices.


From early childhood she was aware of mystic, psychic, healing and shamanic practices and knowledge.  Dr. Lee was ordained as a minister through St. Thomas Christians which is a 2000 year old sect of mystics.  She completed her doctoral studies at the Brotherhood of the White Temple, based on esoteric, ancient mystery school teachings with an emphasis on spiritual healing.  

She also completed extensive studies at the Psychic Institute.  Her studies included Tarot, Channeling, Numerology, Automatic Writing, Remote Viewing and DreamWorks. 


Wellness Practitioner in Albuquerque New Mexico

In addition, she has studied numerous other well-known energy healing methods, also hypnotherapy, psychology, nutrition, herbology, homeopathy, aromatherapy, color healing, kinesiology and dowsing.

Dr. Lee believes that sufficient abundance or prosperity and a lifestyle that allows people to have all their financial needs met is an important part of being healthy and more easily gives people the ability to help others in need.  She also teaches and mentors clients in prosperity consciousness, financial skill management and entrepreneurial success practices using spiritual wisdom, intuition and practical life skills.

She had been a lifelong serial entrepreneur. She is owner and director of Inner Edge Insights & Wellness.   In addition, she has previously owned various financial based businesses including, but not limited to, a Stockbrokerage and Investment Banking Firm, International Financial Planning Company, and a Construction and Real Estate Development Company. 

Dr. Lee was awarded the New York Life Phoenix Award for “being successful in the face of overwhelming personal obstacles.”  In addition, she was acknowledged by her peers as One of New Mexico’s Top Woman Entrepreneurs.

She is available for psychic oracle and tarot readings, spiritual healing, past life regression work, financial consulting and mentoring, workshops and as a keynote speaker.  

Dr. Lee's Rates

Substitute reader and healer at Resonant Essentials - 3107 Eubank Blvd NE Suites 33 & 34 in Albuquerque



 $45 for 30 minutes

$90 for 60 minutes


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