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A natural born-Clairsentient, Donna of Dominion Tarot has studied extensively with Dusty White in his program Intuitive Tarot, and has furthered her relationship in Tarot with respected Tarot Readers for the past 20 years. 

As a mediuim, Donna has trained and completed Evidential programs with Susanne Gieseman, James Van Praagh, John White, Medical Intuitive, Nicole de Haas of Holland, Audrey Wilson of the UK, Whispers Through the Light, John Edwards, Evolve and Candice Thomas.

To her credit Donna completed 8 hours of Deep Trance Mediumship with David Thompson pf New Zealand and Eric Cargil from York, England.

Under the guidance of Tom Newman, she has finished a 3 year Evidential Intermediate and advanced mediumships program through his organization, Teaching of the Angels.


Tarot Reader in Albuquerque New Mexico

Donna shares her gifts using Intuitive Tarot, as well as Psychometry (reading the energy of objects), Hypnotherapy for self help - stop smoking, overeating, etc. She is a certified Usui Reiki Master and Mystic Medium sharing healing messages from your departed loved ones. 

Co-host of Spirit Circle at Resonant Essentials with Michelle Vidal where we help you discover and grow your spiritual gifts in a safe supportive environment.

Available for phone/Skype readings by appointment


Contact her via email link below to schedule a session with her soon or visit her website at

For individual sessions...

Donna's Rates

Fridays at Resonant Essentials - 3107 Eubank Blvd NE Suites 33 & 34 in Albuquerque



 $40 for 30 minutes



 $75 for 60 minutes

*Several sessions may be required for results - A minimum of 3


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