Meet Audrey Wilson...

Audrey Wilson, Medium has studied, trained and worked in the field of Mediumship and Psychic Studies for over 30 years.  She is world renown as a medium/trance medium. In the time she has spent working with the public, she has brought healing and solace to her clientele as they connect with their loved ones on the other side. When engaged in Trance work, her spirit team offers the sitters wisdom and healing for their own spiritual progression through the earth-plane.
Her work with Resonant Essentials has brought advanced training to our own Intuitives and those who wish to progress in their own gifts. She is available for readings Wednesdays and Thrusdays from 10a – 4p MST. 

Wellness Practitioner in Albuquerque New Mexico

To schedule an appointment with her, please allow a minimum of 24 hours advanced notice. She will send you a link for your reading.
** Please watch our website and/or our Facebook Events section for classes with Audrey


No same-day availability...

Audrey Wilson's Rates

Tarot Card Reading and Mediumship Sessions at Resonant Essentials - 3107 Eubank Blvd NE Suites 33 & 34 in Albuquerque

Tarot Readings & Mediumship Sessions

$50 for 30 minutes

$90 for 60 minutes


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