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Are you a strong woman in transition?

Are you ready to finally identify the core relationship issue impacting your life?

Are you ready to finally be free?

My guides and I help strong women in transition identify the core relationship issue impacting their life in one session - guaranteed

Alexa Smith is well known for her abilities to guide others through their personal transformation. Who better to understand and guide you than the psychic/medium who has reinvented her own self? Alexa has uprooted her life, 9 times, first relocating in, through and across the Southwest, later to move to the cold north of Idaho reinventing her life as a single woman, later to be a divorced woman, single mother and finally the empowering Psychic Medium who works with others today. 
Wellness Practitioner in Albuquerque New Mexico

Her journey started in Wichita Falls TX to parents of faith. Their faith held her to a standard that didn’t include her psychic gifts. She moved to Lubbock TX marrying the 1st of 2 husbands. Both marriages ended in less than gratifying terms as she stepped up to own a life free of emotional, mental and physical turmoil. There is none better with the kindness, compassion and grit to help you make your own transition. 

The first opportunity to owning her gifts started with an experience triggered through looking into the eyes of her newborn. Alexa knew she knew her daughter and saw one of the past lives she shared with her. Later Alexa became acquainted with a psychic who set the standard for which Alexa’s own work is modeled after. While Alexa has continued to study and train throughout her life, even to this day in Resonant Essentials, where she has found a home with community, it was this psychic who helped her access her future and taught her to own her spiritual path through being accountable to her work. This woman knew Alexa had within her the strength and fortitude to walk her path. But as all of us have to discover, we have to stand free of the victimology if we are to progress and be happy in this life. 

Alexa’s gift for helping you came from that first encounter, and then through the book she shared with her, “Three Magic Words” by U.S. Anderson. And now through her own commitment to her path while making her own transitions, even if one of those transitions includes allowing one’s child to learn what they need to through the machinations of the ex-husband. It is those initial first steps we take with the higher guidance of a true person of spirit that will empower us for our own future.

Alexa is currently training with world renowned psychic medium Audrey Wilson of the U.K. and sits in two circles with top mediums in the Albuquerque and surrounding areas.” 

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 $35 for 30 minutes

$65 for 60 minutes


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