Within each of us is a small voice which tells us, “There is something more, I am something more.” We continue through each day searching for answers to questions we didn’t even know we had. Who we are is more than just the physical form of our body and the mind which governs it. Religion tells us we are “of the Father”. That doesn’t really explain much. We are taught the Father is God. The Who, What, Where, Why and the How of God is as individualized to each of us as is the decorations in our home. And, just like our taste in decor, our idea of God is stylized after our taste and understanding of spiritual aesthetics.

How then, do we find answers that resonate within? Each time we come across someone who has found peace with their beliefs, their peace feeds the yearning to find that within and for ourselves. The question begs to be answered, “What does this person know and how did they find it so easily for themselves?”. We ask and hopefully they will share their story. Like a good book, we open the cover, only to find the story is an old one. Told and retold through the generations as the only truth to life everlasting and peace on earth. Yet, we no longer have an affinity to that story. It passed as we matured. When it speaks of damnation, if we are not in concurrence with the ultimate goal, it makes our skin crawl, or at the very least, it makes us sigh in frustration.

We step onward, hopefully upward, searching and asking for the path to show itself. Again, we meet the person who seems to have all the answers. They speak of the trial and tribulation found at the altar they pray at. The sacrifice of ideals to subjugate ourselves under in order to gain spiritual knowledge and progression. Again, it doesn’t resonate. Again we seek, only to find another who found an understanding of creation that works for them. Yet when they speak, they sound too far out to hold any level of truth in their words. As if the crystals hanging from their earlobes and around their neck are strangling their brain. Some of what they say sounds correct, you might liken it to, “a bit of truth in an otherwise swirling hot pit of untruths”. So we stop and study, and then crave more information. More truth, more light.

If this sounds like your journey, if any of what I say resonates within, then I welcome you. I offer my truth to my highest and best ability to resonate and listen to your truth, so that we may both progress to a higher and more fulfilled life. Thank you for showing up.


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